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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the washington wizards select john wall from the university of kentucky. and with that, the
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washington wizards begin the rebuilding process. a car is hit by debris during construction work. a crater in her car and a story to tell. the entire regioning coping with the heat and a cooldown may be coming our way. good evening i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. those who are used to this kind weather, it is extremely pretty rough this early in the summer season. jackie bensen jouns us live from third street with that story from the national mall. hello, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen. well, it's 11:00, and believe it or not, there are still a lot of people down here on the national mall taking advantage of the fact that this is the nicest part of a very hot day. >> reporter: even after the sun went down, there were still plenty of people enjoying the national mall. those in the know, realize that whether they want to get some exercise or see the sights of the nation's capitol this is the most tolerable part of a
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scorching summer day. >> it's a wonderful, cool evening, so we took the opportunity to see the capitol, and enjoy the park. and we're just having a great time. >> reporter: as the mercury rose, tenants at the pine woodapartments grew increasingly uncomfortable and unhappy. many claim the multihundred-unit complex, its air-conditioning system has been inadequate for years. an effort to lower indoor temperatures that residents say huffer in the high 80s. >> they're not fixing it and it's not get anything cooler so it's just getting really frustrating. >> reporter: a.c. troubles also plagued metro's dup ont circle stations and an air-chiller system now functioned. repair crus were able to fix it. >> it is actually outside -- >> so it is hot. >> a little muggy and warm down there. >> reporter: sweltering and dangerous conditions mark the effort to contain a fire at a trash facility in northeast
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washington. extra personnel were sent to the scene so firefighters could be rotated through in an effort to avoid heat exhaustion. and management at pinewood chase apartments has not returned our calls for comment about their problems with air-conditioning and the very uncomfortable tenants. doreen, back to you. >> jackie bensen report, thank you, jackie. opened up four cooling centers for residents there. people looking to cool off can go to the lincoln park community center. the rockville senior center. thomas farm community center. or the twin brooke community center. so, we're told that there is some relief on its way. veronica, the question is when and how much? >> well, jim, it depends on what you want. relief from the humidity or relief from the heat, we're going to have the relief from the humidity first and that's going to come as early as tomorrow burks boy, oh, boy, a hot one today. up to 100 degrees at reagan national. and it has never been -- the
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temperature's never been this high until you go all the way back to 1894 for the date. and it's been our hottest also when you look at any date since going back to august the 8th, 200 sech wh20 sw 2 2007 when we got up to 102 degrees. we had some showers, storms but well gone down south. now 85 degrees about yesterday at the same time but hey the humidity's really dropped. tomorrow 75 about to start and only 80 to 85 for a high, how about that, doreen? >> it sounds like a little bit of relief. thank you, veronica. there was a vigil for two young brothers who were killed in a car accident. friends, family and classmates came to kennedy high school to remember the lives of 18-year-old khalifa mohammed and his 20-year-old brother. the car that the two were in went off of a road and hit a utility pole last night. two teenaged girls in the car survived the crash. toronto police pulled over a
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car near the g-20 site. the car was reportedly carrying gags lean centers, a crossbow and an ax hammer. president obama and other leaders attending the summit over the weekend. police say they seized a sledgehammer and a laptop computer. charges are pending. g-8 summit starts tomorrow. the g-20 summit will begin on saturday. a federal judge in new orleans has denied a request to delay lifting a ban on deepwater projects and drilling on 33 exploratory wells. meantime, the managing director of bp says the company is doing all it can to pay claims in a timely fashion. in an interview on nbc's "nightly news," bob dudley said bp is working in unchartered territory as it tries to contain the oil leak. >> this is a disaster that -- a very, very low probability of happening to any oil company. it has happened. we need to pull it apart, piece
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by piece by piece, understand what happened, learn from it, disseminate that knowledge throughout the world and throughout the industry so it never, never, happens again. >> bp says 45 ships and 1,500 people are working around the clock on containment systems and relief wells. virginia senator mark warner said today that he's trying to fix the problems in poor management at arlington national cemetery. an army investigation found more than 200 graves had been mislabeled. senator warner said one of his first steps would be making sure records are put onto computers to minimize mistakes. >> veterans and their families and loved ones who have folks in turn at the cemetery will know that if there are for the corrective actions that have to be taken that we have a record system that's safe and secure and sound and that we can restore arlington to its appropriate hollow ground status for all americans. >> people from the local
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information technology community have volunteered to upgrade the cemetery records for free. sarah palin will return more than $386,000 collected by a legal defense fund that has been ruled illegal. the alaska personnel board has released their findings of an ethics probe against the former alaskan government today. they determined that defense funds set up for her while she was in office was in fact legal. palin cited the probe of the ethics probes as one of reasons that she was leaving office. no big surprise, the wizards tonight selected john wall in the nba draft, and dan he wil e -- dan hellie was there to watch them do it. >> they did take the kentucky point guard with the number one overall pick. the kid already has a $25 million shoe deal with reebok and now he'll be there face ofe franchise. they were already handing out john wall t-shirts right after the pick.
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wall was the first of several dominos to fall on draft night for the wizards, and he will be in town for a press conference tomorrow. tonight, though, he's just soaking it all in. >> to be in this situation and thank god for talent and my family and friends for being around me. >> it's the last stage that you can may the basketball level on and thank god for my ability and the coaching staff to give meet opportunity to display my talent in the world in and now it's time for me to shine in the nba level. >> that is john wall the wizards have a trade in the works with the bulls. that won't be official for another two weeks. but tell will bring are kirk heinrich and the 17th pick, who's a french player, named keivon sara fin to washington. the wizards also traded for clemson forward booker. more draft details coming up in sports. jim, doreen. >> going to be interesting. thank you, dan. coming up, construction zone danger. a driver's car hit by flying concrete and the road work is still continuing tonight.
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we'll tell you how a trip out on a boat ended for a rescue mission. and first lady michelle obama was entertained today. >> i wanted to treat her to something special. so i brought her
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rescue crews saved three children from a creek near dallas, texas. the boys were standing under a bridge along white rock creek. they were trapped on both sides by a fast-moving water. they were in a boat, but it somehow got away from them. crews were able to load the boys into a rescue boat and get them safely to shore. cameras also captured some scary moments for a sailing couple in north carolina this morning. a news crew was at a fishery in morehead city to talk to workers about the oil spill impact when they heard screaming. a sailboat had capsized throwing a man and woman on board into the rough water. fishery workers jumped into their own boat and pulled the couple to safety. the man and woman are both okay. the trial of three men accused of covering up the murder of a washington lawyer
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wrapped up today. after more than five weeks, lawyers on both sides presented their final arguments in d.c. superior court. are charged with obstruction of justice in a murder of robert waan. the judge is expected to return a verdict on the case in tues y tuesday. coming up tomorrow marks the year since michael jackson's death but wei tell you how fans are starting to commemorate it. a driver lucky to be alive after a scary drive through a construction zone. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer live in alexandria where that woman's suv was crushed by flying debris last night.
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a live look at a northern virginia construction site and everything's moving smoothly, but that wasn't the case yesterday for one driver. her car was hit by falling debris at the beltway and little river turnpike site. a big chunk of concrete and asphalt fell from an overpass and right onto her car. "news4's" darcy spencer went to alexandria and she's live with that story. hi, dars. >> reporter: she says she feels lucky to be alive, and tonight she's calling for an investigation. >> it was just very, very scary. >> reporter: teresa mary looks at photos she took of her honda
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cr-v v after it was hit by flying concrete and asphalt wednesday night on the beltway. >> one was a round, kind of ball-shaped piece, and then there was a big triangle, about six inches on each side, and about that thick. >> reporter: she says she was driving on 495 near the little river turnpike overpass when her car was hit by debris. creating a crater in the hooved her suv. transportation workers were demolishing the little turnpike bridge behind her when she heard a boom and her suv shook. >> i looked at my windshield and there were these huge chunks of asphalt concrete, just big pieces that had fell onto my car. >> reporter: virginia department of transportation spokesman for mega projects says the incident is under investigation. engineers are trying to figure out where the debris came from. >> it's a serious incident to us, and we want to make sure that we look into it to do the best job that we can so it certainly never happens again. >> reporter: he says that v-dot
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shuts down lanes where construction is happening and using tractor trailer as shields to deflect the flying debris. he says incidents like this are rare but cannot guarantee it won't happen again. >> even more precautions that we can possibly tyke. >> reporter: she says she wants a thorough investigation to make sure these construction zones are as safe as they can be. >> maybe it is more safe to do detours or to stop traffic for a period of time and you know remind people why we do it and how lucky we are when something bad doesn't happen but could. >> reporter: that demolition work is continuing here tonight as planned. a spokesman for vdot says additional people will be here tonight to see if there are additional safety improvements that can be made. reporting live from alexandria, darcy spencer, "news4." back to you, doreen. >> darcy, thank you. still a hot night out there. >> i know. very warm, still humid too. >> but there is relief on the
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way? >> there is and we're going to notice it, i think most of us will tomorrow. certainly if you were out and about today because high, high heat today. the heat index at one point was up to 105 degrees. tomorrow with just a hive 90 and less humidity across the area, so again, a new record for this date as we hit a hundred degrees. the temperature right now at reagan national airport, hey, a toasty 85 degrees but dew point temperatures are down by about three to seven degrees across the area and continue to drop so at 85 degrees it feels like 87 degrees right now and we do is a bit a westerly wind and nice west wind coming through the area. well on radar right now we don't have any showers showing up. the last of shows showers and storms went down through st. mary's county and down through the northern neck, and then the next time fa we have any rain showing up here is going to be saturday -- well, actually sunday afternoon. saturday, it will be well to the north of us and rolling on in.
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a lot of those storms, though, did die. the whole line fell apart because we had enough of a westerly wind that established itself early in the day, and really allowed that system to fall apart. look at bridgeport, connecticut, though, on the winds there gusted close to 80 miles per hour. picked up close to half inch of rain, but these high winds did a lot of damage through that area of bridgeport, connecticut. you can see there the storm reports up through new jersey, pennsylvania, upstate new york, down through western areas of virginia, western north carolina. and we were right here and didn't get much of anything today. including rainfall which we really need, but again another opportunity to the second half of the weekend, that's what's left down through norfolk, just a few showers left just to the west side of raleigh, north carolina. well, here's a look at the high temperatures today. 100 degrees here. but look at all of these numbers. even memphis at this time 97 degrees. we, for all of those areas east of the rockies, we had one of
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the hottest days to deal with. big ridge of high pressure still over us. that's what we'll have through the weekend in fact. so still about 92, 93, 94 degrees or so, and then a dip in the jet stream will send us back to the mid 80s starting on tuesday of next week. so here we go tomorrow morning, mostly sunny skies. a nice day, again some warmth certainly, but not anything you wouldn't expect for the summer. there's the front coming in for sunday afternoon bringing us just a few showers and maybe some storms. so here's your forecast a comfortable start to 69 to 70 degrees tomorrow and then we'll hit a high temperature during the afternoon of about 90. sun sets tomorrow at 8:37. a look at your four-day forecast, 93 on saturday, 94 degrees on sunday, we'll pick up some more humidity, a lot more on sunday. have a few storms rolling through, and then for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and probably friday of next week, guys, about 85 to 86 degrees. >> okay. something to look forward to. >> that's comfortable area. >> thanks, veronica. tlooift the country, there
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are some mamas that are very happy tonight because their baby boy got rich. stay tuned.
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match of the world, we're talking about tennis match today. but we also want to talk about the fact that things finally worked out for the bulls -- for the bullets. good lord, i'm so old. wins tonight. >> they did and everybody was in great spirits. as you said, as they should be, because things are headed in the right direction. it was a busy day for the wizards. first they worked out a trade with chicago that will bring kirk heinrich to washington, along with the 17th pick which
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turned out to be a french power forward named kevin seraphin. he was the man who will be counted on to lead the wizards for years to come. john wall. >> with the first pick in the 2010 nba draft, the washington wizards select, john wall from the university of kentucky. >> there he is. wall was the first of five kentucky players selected in the first round, which is an nba record for one school. he was the consensus number one player in the draft, and will be one of the fastest players in the league, if not the fastest player in the league from day one. the wizards got their man and wall achieved his dream. >> i always emotional and i try not to cry but when i see my mom it brought tears. something that i've been look for a while. a couple of years back ii had to watch in the room. lebron. >> being the number one pick i'm sure he's going to get a lot of attention because of that, but we're going to work with him and
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we're going to have patience with him because we feel like he has the ability to really be a special type of player. >> that's ernie grunfeld. traded the 30th and 35th pick. for booker. pretty good night for our local kids over at verizon center i asked wizards' head coach flip saunders what do you think about gravis? do you think that he'll get p k picked first round. georgetown forward greg monroe was predicted to go between fifth and ninth in the draft, he went right there. monroe goes number seven overall to the detroit pistons. monroe only played two years at georgetown. but he had nba written all over him since he was the number one rated player coming out of high school. monroe expected to contribute right away in detroit. as for gravis, well, check out this reaction. just like he hit the
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game-winner, vazquez not invited by the nba to the draft, so he went on his own. he had to wait in line outside with fans to get in. >> no! >> yeah, how about that? he said it was well worth it. >> i told my family, i told all of my friends that i wanted to -- every second of it. wouldn't want to be anywhere else or in new york, at the madison square garden. understand waiting for my name to be called and i wanted it for my heart. i didn't care what was going to happen, whether i was going to go first or second and it actually worked out pretty well because i went first with the team that i wanted to go and i'm very happy and like i said i'm just excited and i can't wait to get to work. >> greg monroe didn't have quite the emotion as gravis did but you have to be elated for both of those kids and obviously a dream come true. the longest tennis match is over after three days. john isner beats nicolas mahut.
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>> did you watch it this morning? >> of course. so did everybody. >> it was crazy. >> thank you, dan. >> you're welcome. coming up a huge crib recall has been issued. it aff
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tomorrow marks one year since the death of michael jackson. fans are already beginning to commemorate his death, performers who worked who have toured with him last summer helped unveil a memorial plaque
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in london today. jackson was 50 years old when he died. more than 2 million cribs are being recalled. a consumer product safety commission says most of the cribs are what they call the dropside kind. the side rail that easily moves up and down to help parents reach their child can be dangerous in those cribs. it can function or deattach from the crib and trap the child's head. if you have a dropside crib, you're invited to contact the manufacturer for a repair kit. we'll be right back. anybody home?
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first lady michelle obama wanted to treat her visiting russian counterpart to something special so she turned to some talented local high schoolers. students at the duke ellington skooflt arts performed songs and dances for the first ladies today including a ballet by a russian composer. >> good times are had by all. >> yeah. >> that's our broadcast for now. "tonight show" is next. >> see you tomorrow. good night.


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